TurkeyEnergyToken (XTRL) Listed on Finatch Exchange!

2 min read January 19, 2019 at 12:58am

TurkeyEnergyToken (XTRL) Listed on Finatch Exchange!

XTRL Listed

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ABOUT TurkeyEnergyToken

XTRL Project

There are new and incredible opportunities opened by decentralization of Blockchain technology. Individuals can now join an entirely new social and financially effective ecosystem.

For the first time in the world, XTRL has begun to achieve an important goal to become the payment, crypto exchange trade and dividend income.
Name: TurkeyEnergyToken


Total Supply:50.000.000 XTRL


Contract Address: 0x347a39127ae0730817b0caf177c4684e16a038fc

ERC20.    Dec: 8

Official Site URL:

Project Description: Turkey Technology Industry and Energy Investments is growing rapidly.

XTRL allows you to participate in this growth story by investing directly into an asset-backed crypto-money

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XTRL will provide users with instant access to products using XTRL tokens in different retail and trading stores. FinTech industry is expected to have an exponential growth.